When the shaking comes and everything I know seems to fall apart, HOLD ON! It’s not over until God says it’s over.
I have realized that at times, the enemy will play right into the hands of God. It might seem that the enemy is winning, but actually, he was never in control to begin with.

God has always been in control.

courtesy of pakorn  (

courtesy of pakorn (

I have fallen into deception time and time again, where I’ve blamed this person and that person for a bullet that was orchestrated by the enemy. When hatred takes root in my heart, ah! mission accomplished. It was all the enemy needed; just enough room to plant a rotten seed into my heart.

My hope is built on nothing else but on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Why? all other ground is sinking sand!!!!

When all I know falls apart and the shaking seems to be overwhelming me, I will never be moved. TO MOVE ME, YOU MUST GET THROUGH MOVING GOD.

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2 thoughts on “CHRIST THE ROCK

  1. Amen, girl! We set our eyes on things above, which are eternal and in Christ, we will prevail over the enemy every time!

  2. Very true…we will always prevail.

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