Courtesy of Stuart Miles, (

Courtesy of Stuart Miles, (

I always thought if I had faith, it would lead me to a far away land. A place others could not come because they wouldn’t dare ride on the wings of faith.

My heart would skip into the new beat and I would never look back. I would lock the door and set my face as a flint.

What if I planted it, would faith yield a harvest of sunshine? My wildest dreams couldn’t compare to what faith can do.

Faith would lead me into a whole new world filled with possibilities. I would shed off my garments and wear it like a precious jewel.

With wings to fly and a heart determined, I would break through the ceiling of this world and soar with the Spirit of God.

Was it faith that put a coin in the mouth of a fish or was it just a coincidence.

Maybe faith moves mountains , or better yet, the mountains move because they see faith.

What if the victory was not sure until David declared to Goliath certain destruction. Faith is a portal into another world. A world grander than ours. With faith, David opened up to God’s intervention that brought to life a few faith spoken words.

With faith, I know that a hand will reach out to grab a kiss blown to heaven.

I’m sure that every tear, every cry and every disappointment is seen and heard by the all knowing God who searches the hearts of men.

I am certain of a better home, a home not made by human hands but fashioned by God himself.

By faith, I see God, I hear God and I know He is real.
It’s only through faith that Jesus Christ lives in me and gives me wings to fly into a limitless world.

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