Courtesy of twobee, (

Courtesy of twobee, (

Isn’t it strange how one decision changes the course of your life. You find yourself in a path you never thought you’d walk. A path stirring up emotions you never thought existed.

Retraced steps cannot explain how you got into the fiery furnace. Every hope and dream seems to burn up as if made of hay.

Were your dreams truly that insignificant? Were you meant to never see the baby that you’ve carried for so long?

It seems to be all gone, until your eyes turn. Looking right into the eyes of love, it suddenly becomes clear.


My hope is built on nothing else. Nothing but Jesus Christ.

What you thought was gone and dead was only purified in the fire. His fire was never meant to hurt you but to destroy the bondage.

For every chain around Shadrack, Mechack and Abednego was destroyed in the fire. Their clothes were not burned. Their hair was not singed. They did not even smell like they’d been in the fire.(Daniel 3:27)

When the sacrifices are laid on the altar, let them stay. Let Him pass His consuming fire upon them. His fire will only destroy the shackles of the enemy.

If God gives you back your stuff, take it. For every good and perfect gift comes from above.(James 1:17)
If He consumes it in the fire, let Him turn your ashes into beauty.

Check out my book “Real With God”.


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