Uncle Charlie went on a trip. He climbed up the sky to ask for a loan, but the stars exploded in the sky and drove poor Charlie home.

Why would he think that the stars would listen to him? He had heard from the mountains that they liked to be appeased. That they needed to be bribed with sparkling dust.

The winds blew against his balding head, and the rivers conspired against him. His aching soul longed for rest in the land of the living.

If only he could clear his debt, then he would cease to labor.

The skies heard of his plight, and send Uncle Charlie a warning. For rumors spread like wildfire. The earth had set up a trap to swallow him.

When Uncle Charlie couldn’t bear anymore, he gave in to the flow of the ocean. The waves moved his weary body to the rhythm of the waters. His heart grew sick within him, for his hope had failed him.

With each passing moment, Uncle Charlie grew convinced that it was never going to be enough. All he had was a grain of sand, and the pit was too deep to climb out.

Then the earth shook and the heavens roared. The newborn cry echoed in all the earth. A coming shift spoken by the prophets of old. Joy to world, peace on earth.

The mountains leaped and the hills shouted. The birds chirped to the new sound of the wind.

Uncle Charlie had found rest in the love of the savior.

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