Sometimes we are so tired and so wounded that we can’t bear to move one more step towards our destiny. The closer we get to our purpose, the greater our weakness is revealed.

We ask God to do things for us, but we ask in error, for our request is made in the flesh. So worn out, all we can manage to think is, ” is there another way God? Perhaps an easier path?”

Abraham only wanted a child. He never envisioned being a father to so many. After all, who was he to be so richly favored by God?

But so deep within, Abraham’s dream grew longer and wider. He could only believe that the impossible could be possible in God’s hands.

Who knew that God dreamt so big? That God’s definition of a blessing could be so grand. The stars in the sky and the sand on the ground couldn’t compete with the immeasurable abundance poured forth on Abrahams lap.

But oh the process!!!! The waiting, the dreaming and the fasting. Why was God taking so long?
There is a cost to every good thing.

The price to be paid isn’t as expected, for Jesus paid it all at the cross on Calvary. There must be a letting go of the fleshy desires and a yielding to the Spirit of God.

Not my will Father, but your will be done in my life.

Buckle up my friend. Enjoy the long bumpy ride because in the end, it will be well worth it.

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