The DNA simply consists of all the information that your body needs to function, reproduce and enable one to live. It is a genetic code hidden within our individual cells and plays a vital role in determining what color of eyes, hair and skin one has. Without the DNA, the reproduction of essential cells, the function of various members of the body and all the intricacies of development would not be viable.

Since the DNA cannot leave the cell, it requires another constituent to work closely with it to make sure that the information is copied and made available to the outside world. The transcription process enables the hidden information within the DNA to be expressed and manifested in a way that the body can utilize and benefit from it.

Courtesy of sheelamohan, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of sheelamohan, (freedigitalphotos.net)

The entire process of transcription is so complex that it amazes me how our bodies are able to handle it. Enzymes and other proteins that initiate, accelerate and cut at certain locations are all crucial to the success of proper gene expression.

As God formed man in three parts, he placed not only the physical DNA in our bodies but also a spiritual DNA. The spiritual DNA carries information on the kinds of spiritual gifting, blessings and capabilities placed within us. As we start seeking the Kingdom of God, deep calls out to deep and the Spirit of God begins to call forth those things that are hidden, and brings them out into manifestation.

Blessings in the spiritual realm are just as useless without faith as a DNA is without a cell. Our faith enable the whole journey from receiving a promise to walking in the promise become possible. What God has provided in the spiritual realm was not intended to stay in the spiritual realm. Access in a Christian’s life means to be able to grab hold of our promises through faith and see their full manifestation in our lives.

Take for instance, the story of the woman with an issue of blood (Luke 8: 43-48). She stretched out in faith and grabbed hold of the garments of the savior. Jesus actually professed to have felt power depart from Him, because the healing that had been available in the spiritual realm found itself pulled into a hungry vessel.

Access provides a way for every Christian to walk in a life of victory in Christ.
The blessings provided for us in the spiritual realm are accessed through faith and pulled into manifestation by the word of faith.

The Holy Spirit enables us to walk through such a complex process by providing His anointing (power) in our lives. As we put on the new man created for us by God, our spiritual gifts and blessings are then “transcribed” and expressed in a way that edifies and benefits the entire body of Christ.

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2 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL DNA

  1. I love this because it explain how we are lead by the Spirit! Great piece of work!

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