I heard the thud from the yoke that hit the ground after Jesus cut away the chain. It was heavy and overwhelming in every sense of the word. But after it fell, I wondered where its strength had been, because for many days i had labored to control it.

With no success, the heavy thing lay like a weighty burden upon my soul. Unyielding and controlling to every part of my life it was.
Any new thing found no room for expression. It was crushed before it ever reached fullness.

Surely Ishmael had no part in Isaac’s inheritance. As Sarah so wisely said, “Get rid of that servant and her son. He is not going to share in the family inheritance with my son Isaac. I won’t have it.” (Genesis 21:10)

In just the same way, the old has to leave for a new thing to spring forth.

Oh happy day – such a great day when Jesus washed my sin away. When He set the captive free and released me from bondage.

For He is doing a new work inside of me. Every yoke to the past must fall away, and every tie to the the imperfect must loosen up and make room for the new and perfected covenant.

Can a hand hold on to a penny and receive abundance while it is closed? Will a soul release all its gifts and remain with the pain of the past? Can we truly walk in an excellent way and yet refuse to let go of the good?

To inherit the promise, we must be equally yoked to the promise maker. Every other yoke must fall to the ground – never to rise again.

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