Rudeness is not a fruit of the Spirit, and so is selfishness.You could be rich, elegant, or even smell good but a stench will always follow you wherever you go. For even though you might crack a joke or even offer a helping hand, the sarcasm in your voice will always reveal the hidden condition of your heart.

For ugly fruit eats away at everything! Everything you do becomes tainted by the stench in your heart. When you leave the room they remember your lousy attitude and hateful words. You could have been drop-dead gorgeous or even had a really nice smile but no one cares!

Why is it that they still speak about Jesus unto this day? Is it because of His miracles and His ability to walk on water? Even the smallest child felt the impact of such a beautiful savior. His love and His beautiful heart left everyone in awe.

What was it about Jesus that drew people in? Most of them couldn’t put a finger on it but they knew that they always felt better with Him around. His love drew even the most unworthy sinners from their hiding places.

He chose to see a broken woman in need of a savior instead of seeing a prostitute. He sought after the unworthy and the guilty and then set them free from their chains. A fragrance of love rose up to glorify the Father in all of what Jesus did. Whether He healed, taught or rebuked; it was all done in love.

Joy to the world the Lord is come. May we make room in our hearts for Jesus. Let us allow Him to produce delicious fruit in us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

For more, check out my book “Real With God”.


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