I heard a voice calling me into a new place. A world filled with limitless possibilities and untold treasures. My heart leaped in joy and everything within me stretched toward the adventure. I grabbed hold of the hand guiding me only to realize that I wasn’t ready for the journey.

My soul had hungered and thirsted for the change. For I longed to leave this place of chains and oppression. I wanted to fly away with Jesus into realms untold and see my impossible dreams come alive.

Courtesy of  Vlado, (

Courtesy of Vlado, (

But how was I to know that fear held me firmly in its grip? I never met an enemy as aggressive as this! So controlling and impossible to break with my might. Every move I made was easily checked by fear and every door opened was obstructed by its looming presence.

I finally declared that enough was enough. My cry lifted up to the heavens and my tears filled the bowl held by the angel. He carried them to my Lord and presented them as a sacrifice.

“I cannot stay here! I was never meant to live in bondage. My God will deliver me with great might.” My words of faith rose up higher than my deepest fear and the LORD thundered his breakthrough.

He came raining down from heaven and tore down every shame from His beloved. For He had heard my cry for help and did not turn away from me. He placed a seal of his unfailing love upon my heart and now I am forever His.

With wings to fly and a heart fixed on him He led me to a new place. A world filled with possibilities to make my impossible dreams come alive.

Happy New Year. May your impossible dreams come alive in 2014!

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2 thoughts on “IMPOSSIBLE DREAM

  1. joycemuthusi

    May God bless you, this is wonderful. Have a blessed year

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