Vision of Many Books (Prophetic)

I saw books on a table displayed for sale, but no one would pick them up to see what was inside because of the busy world we live in. So i felt (knew) in my spirit that there had to be a better way to get the people to read the material inside the books

Suddenly i remembered of graves, and how there’s no life in the tombs. A living person on the other hand can touch lives and interact with other people. Then i understood the meaning of the vision.

It simply shows that God is building us up in such a way we become living epistles. People might not have time to read a book but as they interact with the people of God, they will read God’s word in a living breathing form and receive the message.

Jesus himself was the greatest word made flesh. We too must allow God to mold us so that we may be just like Jesus.

Abby M

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3 thoughts on “Vision of Many Books (Prophetic)

  1. Amen! We surrender to God, accept ourselves, then graciously allow our lives to unfold the way God wants it to. People will have plenty to read then. Great post!

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