Photo by iprostocks (

Photo by iprostocks (

Even as my eyes cautioned my feet and the light revealed my erring ways, I couldn’t bear to hear the truth; the call to repentance. For my heart was drunk with the need of approval.

My heart ached all day long. I begged my pride to let me go.

But pride flexed up and held on tighter.

How I longed for a ray of hope; for sunlight to warm my face once again. But repentance was the only way to salvation.

I brought my plea to heaven and my knees bowed low before His throne. His arms reached out and pulled me out. His light pierced through my darkness and brought me home.

He touched my eyes so I could see His treasure.

The life of Christ is the light of all men.

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photo courtesy of digitalart (

photo courtesy of digitalart (

Even before I spoke, the answer was on my lips; a confirmation of His love and a seal of His faithfulness
Even before I stepped up, His grace was on my very step; a mark of His path and an oath of His faithful word.
He is light to my path and fullness in my soul; my shelter and an anchor in the stormy days.
My heart cannot contain His praise inside, for my God is too big for mere words. Every eye must see and every tongue confess that God compares to no other.
For I searched high and low looking for something; something big enough to fill my empty heart. I started on a journey and found the highest treasure; the very darling of heaven Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
A name so sweet it is music to my heart. Every star in the sky reveals His marv glory; and my bright star must lead the world to His beautiful presence.

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Photo by Stuart Miles(

Photo by Stuart Miles(

The sound of the rain upon my window reminded me of the vow I had made before. A vow I had intended to keep but found myself weak to fulfill it at the right time.
A time unlike any other; a time of gnashing teeth and trembling.
A wave passed through my being without consent. Whether pain or fear it did not matter. For the time had arrived for me to give an account.
A fire arose from deep within and I knew that the hour was upon me. An awakening quickened my steps and stirred in my soul; for the hour of greatness had come and I intended to be faithful.

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Photo by David Castillo Dominici (

Photo by David Castillo Dominici (

The cold reality sank in her slippery heart. For the night she saw the shadowy figure was the night she discovered fear. Right there embedded at the core of her very soul sat hopelessness. The looming figure overwhelmed her senses; clouding her judgement and instilling dark thoughts.

She had thought herself safe; locked behind the solid gates of her heavily guarded heart. But terror lay in wait and the nightmares threatened to consume her.

Her heart throbbed against her chest and her breath came in short bursts; for her world was falling apart and the pieces were scattered in disarray.

Oh my soul why are you so troubled? From the end to beginning your path is engraved in His palm.

But her soul wouldn’t yield for her consciousness wouldn’t let her forget. The guilt and the shame were like a throbbing that wouldn’t cease and a thorn in her very flesh.

Like a field overtaken by wild foxes was her mind; never to be hers again.

Oh how her cries deafened her ears and her tears filled like a river. A river so wide no one could reach her.

For the sun in its bright glory couldn’t warm her frozen heart; and the song in its sweet melody couldn’t chase that evil spirit.

She smiled and she acted; reassured the worried faces that all was well. Her eyes forever locking the pain she hid well within her soul. Every calculated move steered the curious gaze away from her madness.But help wouldn’t come soon enough. And every next thought promised relief lay in the grave.

Lost in a living nightmare that broke her into pieces; her hands grasped desperately for solace. Her eyes roamed wildly to find a resting place.

But in the thickness of darkness; in the very darkest of clouds He veils His approach. The heavens shake and fire pours from His mouth. He mounted the cherubim and flew; He soared on the wings of the wind and came to her rescue.

Her gaze rose up for her chariot had come. He shot His arrows and scattered the enemy. He reached down from on high and took hold of her; He drew her out of deep waters.

He put her together again and applied the balm of Gilead. He raised her and trained her hands for war. He caused her to chase her enemy; yeah that foul spirit of destruction and she pursued until she conquered it.


2 Samuel 22:8-18

Psalm 18:37

Blessings n much love,

Abby Ngina.

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Photo Courtesy of pakorn

Photo Courtesy of pakorn

Clothed in red with a pretty bow around it
Held in chains with a heavy yoke surrounding
Deep longings never satisfied nor fulfilled
Never diving in but always beside the river

A river so pure, a river so blessed
It gently flows drawing me near
Oh let me fall sweep me away
But these chains will never let me dive

Fascinated, enthralled simply captivated
Gleaming from afar – a ray of hope
Won’t something break me through and pierce my darkness?
Then a river so pure, a river so blessed
Chanced a glance at me for a spell

Deep down I saw and yearned for its promise
A healing river that makes the heart glad
I drew close and moved beside its banks
Looking for a way in, a place to belong

Photo Courtesy of koratmember

Photo Courtesy of koratmember

The sun refused to shine and I missed my step
The moon also tricked me and I fell inside
A miry and slippery pit it was
The earth also gave way and held me in a cage
Until my cry reached the heavens and His hands reached out.

My heart surrendered and my soul said yes.
Mercy came running and broke me out of the pit.
Compassion wiped my tears and hope led the way.
His Spirit flowed as a river within my heart and His love cast religion into the pit.

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courtesy of scottchan (

courtesy of scottchan (

A man went to the shop to buy his beloved daughter a gift. He searched all over until he found the right gift that would make his girl smile. When he came home, he put it in a box then wrapped it up as a surprise for his daughter.

His daughter couldn’t hold back her excitement. She was confident that her father had gotten her what she had wanted for a long time. She took the gift and tore up the wrapper in eagerness. Her expectant heart stuttered in doubt when she saw the box. It was too bland and not the right shape.

Surely her father wouldn’t have gotten her something else. But as she shook the box and turned it around, her hope deflated and she made peace with herself. Whatever her father had bought her she would accept graciously.

She pulled at the corners and uncovered one end of the box. Her eyes caught a glimpse and her heart jumped . Hope rose up and embraced her soaring heart. It was perfect, just right and beautifully crafted. She pulled out the gift and couldn’t believe it.

It was here, and it was all her’s. All she had ever wanted was in her possession. He had given his girl her hearts desire.

Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (NIV Version)

May the Father give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him.

Abby Ngina

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Courtesy of  Stuart Miles, (

Courtesy of Stuart Miles, (

Your love makes me feel like I can climb mountains, cross any obstacle and live out my dreams. It fills my soul and chases away every fear that dares to rear its ugly head.

I felt like the most cherished person, the apple of your eye until I looked in the mirror . I couldn’t understand why or even see how you could love me. A vessel so broken into pieces and so desperate.

My soul ached all night and the doubts played in my mind. What if you couldn’t love such a mess? In despair I turned my face away and travelled with the world.

If only I could piece back the broken parts, then maybe you wouldn’t forsake me. I ran into your arms but I couldn’t stay inside your embrace. For the sound of religion scoffed at me and said that I had to be perfect.

I tried and tried but to no avail. The endless tears and my weary soul had finally worn my broken heart.
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” Proverbs 13:12

In your arms I’d felt safe and I had known love; never knowing the true condition of my heart. Till the mirror showed me what you loved, for you loved a wretch like me.

And now I am convinced that neither life nor death, my failures or mistakes could ever keep you away. For if you loved me at my worst, then there’s nothing I’d ever want to hide from you.

My heart and my soul belong to you. All my desires and affections I give to you. For you saw me when no one else did and you loved me even when I couldn’t understand. Every darkened corner Oh Lord, may you fill with your marvelous light and every bruised piece, may you coat with your perfect love.

Your love makes me feel like I can climb mountains, cross any obstacle and live out my dreams. It fills my soul and chases away every fear that dares to rear its ugly head.

For more, check out my book “Real With God”.


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I heard a voice calling me into a new place. A world filled with limitless possibilities and untold treasures. My heart leaped in joy and everything within me stretched toward the adventure. I grabbed hold of the hand guiding me only to realize that I wasn’t ready for the journey.

My soul had hungered and thirsted for the change. For I longed to leave this place of chains and oppression. I wanted to fly away with Jesus into realms untold and see my impossible dreams come alive.

Courtesy of  Vlado, (

Courtesy of Vlado, (

But how was I to know that fear held me firmly in its grip? I never met an enemy as aggressive as this! So controlling and impossible to break with my might. Every move I made was easily checked by fear and every door opened was obstructed by its looming presence.

I finally declared that enough was enough. My cry lifted up to the heavens and my tears filled the bowl held by the angel. He carried them to my Lord and presented them as a sacrifice.

“I cannot stay here! I was never meant to live in bondage. My God will deliver me with great might.” My words of faith rose up higher than my deepest fear and the LORD thundered his breakthrough.

He came raining down from heaven and tore down every shame from His beloved. For He had heard my cry for help and did not turn away from me. He placed a seal of his unfailing love upon my heart and now I am forever His.

With wings to fly and a heart fixed on him He led me to a new place. A world filled with possibilities to make my impossible dreams come alive.

Happy New Year. May your impossible dreams come alive in 2014!

For more, check out my book “Real With God”.


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Rudeness is not a fruit of the Spirit, and so is selfishness.You could be rich, elegant, or even smell good but a stench will always follow you wherever you go. For even though you might crack a joke or even offer a helping hand, the sarcasm in your voice will always reveal the hidden condition of your heart.

For ugly fruit eats away at everything! Everything you do becomes tainted by the stench in your heart. When you leave the room they remember your lousy attitude and hateful words. You could have been drop-dead gorgeous or even had a really nice smile but no one cares!

Why is it that they still speak about Jesus unto this day? Is it because of His miracles and His ability to walk on water? Even the smallest child felt the impact of such a beautiful savior. His love and His beautiful heart left everyone in awe.

What was it about Jesus that drew people in? Most of them couldn’t put a finger on it but they knew that they always felt better with Him around. His love drew even the most unworthy sinners from their hiding places.

He chose to see a broken woman in need of a savior instead of seeing a prostitute. He sought after the unworthy and the guilty and then set them free from their chains. A fragrance of love rose up to glorify the Father in all of what Jesus did. Whether He healed, taught or rebuked; it was all done in love.

Joy to the world the Lord is come. May we make room in our hearts for Jesus. Let us allow Him to produce delicious fruit in us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

For more, check out my book “Real With God”.


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I heard the thud from the yoke that hit the ground after Jesus cut away the chain. It was heavy and overwhelming in every sense of the word. But after it fell, I wondered where its strength had been, because for many days i had labored to control it.

With no success, the heavy thing lay like a weighty burden upon my soul. Unyielding and controlling to every part of my life it was.
Any new thing found no room for expression. It was crushed before it ever reached fullness.

Surely Ishmael had no part in Isaac’s inheritance. As Sarah so wisely said, “Get rid of that servant and her son. He is not going to share in the family inheritance with my son Isaac. I won’t have it.” (Genesis 21:10)

In just the same way, the old has to leave for a new thing to spring forth.

Oh happy day – such a great day when Jesus washed my sin away. When He set the captive free and released me from bondage.

For He is doing a new work inside of me. Every yoke to the past must fall away, and every tie to the the imperfect must loosen up and make room for the new and perfected covenant.

Can a hand hold on to a penny and receive abundance while it is closed? Will a soul release all its gifts and remain with the pain of the past? Can we truly walk in an excellent way and yet refuse to let go of the good?

To inherit the promise, we must be equally yoked to the promise maker. Every other yoke must fall to the ground – never to rise again.

For more, check out my book “Real With God”.



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