Some paths we walk in blissful ignorance while others reveal the hidden treasures buried within the walls of limitation.

Was Joseph supposed to know that a trap was being set up against him? He lavishly wrapped himself with his coat of many colors and danced his way to a path of destruction. Even so, what his enemy meant for evil, God turned around for his good.

Because God sees every veiled plot of the enemy. He sits in His lofty throne and laughs at every attempt to destroy the beloved. In His secret wisdom, He allows what in His mighty power He could have easily stopped.

Courtesy of digitalart, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of digitalart, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Dig deep my friend, and you’ll see that the path hides many untold treasures . It was in suffering that Christ obtained the crown. For the graves could not hold Him down.

Was Joseph supposed to know just how ugly and wicked the plan was? To crush and to cripple was the heart of the scheme. But the battle was never his to fight, for the Lord of Hosts had a much greater plan.

“Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.” (Psalm 91:7).

In the end Joseph had the final laugh. For the Lord had caused him to forget all his troubles. The Lord had prospered him in the land of his affliction. 
The Lord had abundantly poured forth the hidden treasures found in the barren wilderness.

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Sometimes we are so tired and so wounded that we can’t bear to move one more step towards our destiny. The closer we get to our purpose, the greater our weakness is revealed.

We ask God to do things for us, but we ask in error, for our request is made in the flesh. So worn out, all we can manage to think is, ” is there another way God? Perhaps an easier path?”

Abraham only wanted a child. He never envisioned being a father to so many. After all, who was he to be so richly favored by God?

But so deep within, Abraham’s dream grew longer and wider. He could only believe that the impossible could be possible in God’s hands.

Who knew that God dreamt so big? That God’s definition of a blessing could be so grand. The stars in the sky and the sand on the ground couldn’t compete with the immeasurable abundance poured forth on Abrahams lap.

But oh the process!!!! The waiting, the dreaming and the fasting. Why was God taking so long?
There is a cost to every good thing.

The price to be paid isn’t as expected, for Jesus paid it all at the cross on Calvary. There must be a letting go of the fleshy desires and a yielding to the Spirit of God.

Not my will Father, but your will be done in my life.

Buckle up my friend. Enjoy the long bumpy ride because in the end, it will be well worth it.

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Courtesy of twobee, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of twobee, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Isn’t it strange how one decision changes the course of your life. You find yourself in a path you never thought you’d walk. A path stirring up emotions you never thought existed.

Retraced steps cannot explain how you got into the fiery furnace. Every hope and dream seems to burn up as if made of hay.

Were your dreams truly that insignificant? Were you meant to never see the baby that you’ve carried for so long?

It seems to be all gone, until your eyes turn. Looking right into the eyes of love, it suddenly becomes clear.


My hope is built on nothing else. Nothing but Jesus Christ.

What you thought was gone and dead was only purified in the fire. His fire was never meant to hurt you but to destroy the bondage.

For every chain around Shadrack, Mechack and Abednego was destroyed in the fire. Their clothes were not burned. Their hair was not singed. They did not even smell like they’d been in the fire.(Daniel 3:27)

When the sacrifices are laid on the altar, let them stay. Let Him pass His consuming fire upon them. His fire will only destroy the shackles of the enemy.

If God gives you back your stuff, take it. For every good and perfect gift comes from above.(James 1:17)
If He consumes it in the fire, let Him turn your ashes into beauty.

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When the shaking comes and everything I know seems to fall apart, HOLD ON! It’s not over until God says it’s over.
I have realized that at times, the enemy will play right into the hands of God. It might seem that the enemy is winning, but actually, he was never in control to begin with.

God has always been in control.

courtesy of pakorn  (freedigitalphotos.net)

courtesy of pakorn (freedigitalphotos.net)

I have fallen into deception time and time again, where I’ve blamed this person and that person for a bullet that was orchestrated by the enemy. When hatred takes root in my heart, ah! mission accomplished. It was all the enemy needed; just enough room to plant a rotten seed into my heart.

My hope is built on nothing else but on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Why? all other ground is sinking sand!!!!

When all I know falls apart and the shaking seems to be overwhelming me, I will never be moved. TO MOVE ME, YOU MUST GET THROUGH MOVING GOD.

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It is so important to look at ourselves the way God looks at us at all times. As our focus remains on Jesus, we do not get caught up in the lies of the enemy about us. The bible tells a story in Matthew 14:28-31 of a man named Peter whose focus was shifted a bit because of the circumstance he was going through. A great storm was coming his way and for just a moment, he doubted and focused on the storm. The instant he saw how big the storm was, he started drowning and cried out to the LORD.

The enemy waves so many things at our lives to cause us to be distracted. The moment we shift our gaze from Jesus and let the distraction minister to us, we falter and lose our footing.

courtesy of watcharakun (freedigitalphotos.net)

courtesy of watcharakun

Any distraction is created to shift attention away from the objective at hand. The moment we take the bait and pay attention to the distraction, we open up room for the enemy to steal our joy, hope and peace in God. The enemy cannot legally take what truly belongs to us but he can steal it away from us as we allow him.

Sometimes we let ourselves focus on how people see us and lose our uniqueness in the process. We strive to become so much like the others that our vision becomes blurred . We let their distorted images become our image and we begin to see ourselves in the same way the world does. Our focus on Jesus wipes away those distorted images and enables us to see ourselves through the eyes of our maker. We are beautiful and unique and so special to God. We all have different talents and callings but His love for us is the same.

How do we fulfill our calling in a society so unlike the Kingdom we have inherited from above? The answer is only through focusing on Jesus and on His love for us. We hold on to what we have been given and refuse to let lies and distraction have room in our lives. We live in Him and move in Him and have our being in Him at all times.

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