The Lord is too excited for me not to join Him in His glorious joy. He is releasing great promises to His children and fulfilling things He said He would do.

Do not settle for mediocre but rise up in your requests to Him. For this is a season of clarity and closure. Old things will pass and you will have the peace to let them go. He will provide light to His children for their path is always lighted up.

I truly feel as though it is a season for dreams to come alive. Don’t bury your dreams and visions like the man who hid his talents. Release them because a released dream means releasing the Kingdom within you.

Happy new year to everybody and may you soar into even greater places.

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Prophetic Word

As i was praying today, i really felt as though God was saying that it’s time to dream again. Everything that has been impossible in your life is not impossible for God.

This is a season for God’s power to be revealed in a marvelous way. So do not accept your circumstances as they are¬† because man says it is impossible. All things are possible with God and for those who believe.

It’s time to fill up the skies with prayers for MIRACLES¬† for the time is here that God will do infinitely more than we can imagine.

Do not limit God and settle for less than enough. Like the woman asked to bring jars by Elijah, let us bring all the jars we can find. Because the miracle is only limited by the mindset you bring.

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I have been sensing for quite a while that we are in a new season in the spirit. It is a season of the new wine being poured out forth. God is doing a new thing and our cooperation with Him will usher the body of Christ into a new realm entirely.

Jesus said in Matthew 9:17,

“Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved”.

photo by  STOONN (

photo by STOONN (

I believe our part in what God is doing is yielding our hearts to God. When we let Him transform our minds and set us apart, we are going to be able to move in the new wine that He is pouring out.
Old religious mindsets and traditional ways of doing things are going to be replaced with a fresh, anointed and Spirit breathed ways of the Lord.

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– Abby

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