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Vision of Many Books (Prophetic)

I saw books on a table displayed for sale, but no one would pick them up to see what was inside because of the busy world we live in. So i felt (knew) in my spirit that there had to be a better way to get the people to read the material inside the books

Suddenly i remembered of graves, and how there’s no life in the tombs. A living person on the other hand can touch lives and interact with other people. Then i understood the meaning of the vision.

It simply shows that God is building us up in such a way we become living epistles. People might not have time to read a book but as they interact with the people of God, they will read God’s word in a living breathing form and receive the message.

Jesus himself was the greatest word made flesh. We too must allow God to mold us so that we may be just like Jesus.

Abby M

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Some paths we walk in blissful ignorance while others reveal the hidden treasures buried within the walls of limitation.

Was Joseph supposed to know that a trap was being set up against him? He lavishly wrapped himself with his coat of many colors and danced his way to a path of destruction. Even so, what his enemy meant for evil, God turned around for his good.

Because God sees every veiled plot of the enemy. He sits in His lofty throne and laughs at every attempt to destroy the beloved. In His secret wisdom, He allows what in His mighty power He could have easily stopped.

Courtesy of digitalart, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of digitalart, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Dig deep my friend, and you’ll see that the path hides many untold treasures . It was in suffering that Christ obtained the crown. For the graves could not hold Him down.

Was Joseph supposed to know just how ugly and wicked the plan was? To crush and to cripple was the heart of the scheme. But the battle was never his to fight, for the Lord of Hosts had a much greater plan.

“Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.” (Psalm 91:7).

In the end Joseph had the final laugh. For the Lord had caused him to forget all his troubles. The Lord had prospered him in the land of his affliction. 
The Lord had abundantly poured forth the hidden treasures found in the barren wilderness.

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Extravagant Worship

When a man loves a woman, no mountain is too high, and no valley is too deep to thwart his relentless pursuit. He will passionately woo his beloved’s heart, for he knows the treasures guarded within.

Every word and action becomes an occasion to pour forth his love. Chocolates and flowers speak to his beloved a language of their own. For love will make known where words are not enough.

His heart belongs to her, never to be challenged. The walls dividing them must fall apart, never to rise again.

If only she knew the depth of his love, then she would never doubt. Nothing could ever separate her from him. For his love rises higher than the mountains, and his darling is forever held dear to his heart.

Oh to be loved by the one you love!
Her love is like myrrh, a sweet fragrance to him. Rising up to grace his dwelling place. An acceptable sacrifice that is pleasing to him.

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Courtesy of twobee, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of twobee, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Isn’t it strange how one decision changes the course of your life. You find yourself in a path you never thought you’d walk. A path stirring up emotions you never thought existed.

Retraced steps cannot explain how you got into the fiery furnace. Every hope and dream seems to burn up as if made of hay.

Were your dreams truly that insignificant? Were you meant to never see the baby that you’ve carried for so long?

It seems to be all gone, until your eyes turn. Looking right into the eyes of love, it suddenly becomes clear.


My hope is built on nothing else. Nothing but Jesus Christ.

What you thought was gone and dead was only purified in the fire. His fire was never meant to hurt you but to destroy the bondage.

For every chain around Shadrack, Mechack and Abednego was destroyed in the fire. Their clothes were not burned. Their hair was not singed. They did not even smell like they’d been in the fire.(Daniel 3:27)

When the sacrifices are laid on the altar, let them stay. Let Him pass His consuming fire upon them. His fire will only destroy the shackles of the enemy.

If God gives you back your stuff, take it. For every good and perfect gift comes from above.(James 1:17)
If He consumes it in the fire, let Him turn your ashes into beauty.

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While growing up, my mom told the most fascinating stories you could ever imagine. Her eyes would glow and passion would flow out of her words as she described how David destroyed the mighty Goliath with just a sling and a stone.

She would make Samson look like he’s was made out of steel as she vividly portrayed him killing thousands of skilled warriors with just his bare hands.

David was my absolute favorite though. He loved God and God made him King!!!! “Maybe if I loved God that much I could become Queen…or at least something important,” my young mind would wonder.

Then one day, my mom went up to another level with her captivating tales. She told us how “angels” existed and how God gave each one of His children their own angel!!!!

What! I wanted one. I wanted to see him and to talk to him right now! I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of having a winged creature guarding my every move.

I decided to tell all my friends the new found information. We had just gotten off school and were walking home before I decided to share the news. “Do you know that there are angels all around us?” I asked the little group. “Mom said they protect and watch over us every day.” I finished proudly.

The girls all looked at me as though I’d lost my mind, and then, as if on a cue, they started beating the air all around them. “Where are these angels?” they demanded . “There’s nothing here. See, see.” they twirled and kicked and slapped the air all around them to prove the point.

I gave up trying to prove to them that mom was right and they were wrong. I figured that mom was bigger and therefore smarter than all of them combined.

The bible clearly states that:

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. (Psalm 91:11, ESV)

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (Hebrews 13:2, ESV)

There are moments that I can honestly say that I have seen God’s angels. Sometimes they come in the form of a human but other times, they seem to just be there.

At one time, I was saved from a car that almost killed me as I was walking home from school. I grew up in Kenya and most students would walk home from school. The path had gotten narrower and a lot of people were squeezing on that path. As a result, I was on the outer side, close to the road. A car zoomed past by me and I honestly knew in my heart that I was supposed to have died. I had a knowing in my heart that God’s angel had protected me and saved me from death.

There are countless of other moments that I knew that God’s supernatural power had intervened in my life. Every moment of our life is precious to God and He really does protect his own. Be encouraged and rest in your father’s love.

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KIM WALKER (how He loves us)

Kim Walker takes this song to a new level. Be blessed and know that God loves you in an amazing way.

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