A Different Shelter (Fiction)


The sound of keys opening her apartment door jerked her awake.

She peered into the darkness and focused her attention. The second time she heard the noise she froze for a second then rose slowly from her bed as her hand moved desperately to find her cellphone.

Her senses were on full alert. She pushed past the overwhelming fear attempting to take over and decided to go peek through the window. As she got on the floor and crawled her way to the window, she heard him singing.

Her room suddenly became too dark and the fear choked her.

Should she scream out or would that make it worse? Countless questions engulfed her until she couldn’t bear to do anything. She rose up suddenly and pounded the door harshly.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT? I’M CALLING THE POLICE” Keya said in a surprisingly confident voice.

She had distorted her voice to make it sound like a man. It was something her friends had taught her years ago and she hoped it worked. The noise stopped and he started speaking.

She could barely make out the words that came out of his mouth. She looked through the peek hole and saw it was her crazy neighbor!

“I’M CALLING THE POLICE” she repeated more confidently this time.

She knew he was drunk and probably thought he was opening his apartment door. Other attempts in the past involved him knocking on her door at odd hours during the night.

“Ugh, I’m so tired of this guy” she said in disgust.

She heard him staggering away and knew that he’d come to his senses. Her fear had given way to a full-fledged anger.

“Ugh I can’t handle this!!! He must go. This is the absolute last time I’m dealing with him” she said.

She couldn’t wait to report this lunatic.She looked on her phone and saw that it was only five in the morning. Her attempt to get back to bed backfired on her and she decided to call her sister. As soon as she remembered the time, she hang up immediately.

“I guess this is how change feels like” she whispered to herself.

Keya had struck out on her own since last fall and had moved hundreds of miles away from her family. Her parents were proud of her but were also worried. Her mom called almost every day to check on her and to share a message she’d heard from one of the preaching channels.

She knew that they worried but she also knew that God was with her. Her strong faith had taken her through a lot in the past and she counted on it to sustain her in this strange place.

Change was a big word in Keya’s ears. She felt like she’d jumped from the boat right into the stormy sea. So afraid was she that she wasn’t ready for the world as she’d thought.

In fact, if her faith in God’s love was not so strong, she would have returned home to the shelter of her family. But something in her yearned for a different type of shelter. She needed to prove something to herself that even her parents did not seem to understand.

She shut her eyes and forced herself to sleep but her excited senses wouldn’t let her. She got up, picked up a book and hoped that she could read herself to sleep.

….to be continued (hopefully)

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Abby M

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The Lord is too excited for me not to join Him in His glorious joy. He is releasing great promises to His children and fulfilling things He said He would do.

Do not settle for mediocre but rise up in your requests to Him. For this is a season of clarity and closure. Old things will pass and you will have the peace to let them go. He will provide light to His children for their path is always lighted up.

I truly feel as though it is a season for dreams to come alive. Don’t bury your dreams and visions like the man who hid his talents. Release them because a released dream means releasing the Kingdom within you.

Happy new year to everybody and may you soar into even greater places.

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Courtesy of  Stuart Miles, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of Stuart Miles, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Your love makes me feel like I can climb mountains, cross any obstacle and live out my dreams. It fills my soul and chases away every fear that dares to rear its ugly head.

I felt like the most cherished person, the apple of your eye until I looked in the mirror . I couldn’t understand why or even see how you could love me. A vessel so broken into pieces and so desperate.

My soul ached all night and the doubts played in my mind. What if you couldn’t love such a mess? In despair I turned my face away and travelled with the world.

If only I could piece back the broken parts, then maybe you wouldn’t forsake me. I ran into your arms but I couldn’t stay inside your embrace. For the sound of religion scoffed at me and said that I had to be perfect.

I tried and tried but to no avail. The endless tears and my weary soul had finally worn my broken heart.
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” Proverbs 13:12

In your arms I’d felt safe and I had known love; never knowing the true condition of my heart. Till the mirror showed me what you loved, for you loved a wretch like me.

And now I am convinced that neither life nor death, my failures or mistakes could ever keep you away. For if you loved me at my worst, then there’s nothing I’d ever want to hide from you.

My heart and my soul belong to you. All my desires and affections I give to you. For you saw me when no one else did and you loved me even when I couldn’t understand. Every darkened corner Oh Lord, may you fill with your marvelous light and every bruised piece, may you coat with your perfect love.

Your love makes me feel like I can climb mountains, cross any obstacle and live out my dreams. It fills my soul and chases away every fear that dares to rear its ugly head.

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I heard a voice calling me into a new place. A world filled with limitless possibilities and untold treasures. My heart leaped in joy and everything within me stretched toward the adventure. I grabbed hold of the hand guiding me only to realize that I wasn’t ready for the journey.

My soul had hungered and thirsted for the change. For I longed to leave this place of chains and oppression. I wanted to fly away with Jesus into realms untold and see my impossible dreams come alive.

Courtesy of  Vlado, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of Vlado, (freedigitalphotos.net)

But how was I to know that fear held me firmly in its grip? I never met an enemy as aggressive as this! So controlling and impossible to break with my might. Every move I made was easily checked by fear and every door opened was obstructed by its looming presence.

I finally declared that enough was enough. My cry lifted up to the heavens and my tears filled the bowl held by the angel. He carried them to my Lord and presented them as a sacrifice.

“I cannot stay here! I was never meant to live in bondage. My God will deliver me with great might.” My words of faith rose up higher than my deepest fear and the LORD thundered his breakthrough.

He came raining down from heaven and tore down every shame from His beloved. For He had heard my cry for help and did not turn away from me. He placed a seal of his unfailing love upon my heart and now I am forever His.

With wings to fly and a heart fixed on him He led me to a new place. A world filled with possibilities to make my impossible dreams come alive.

Happy New Year. May your impossible dreams come alive in 2014!

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Rudeness is not a fruit of the Spirit, and so is selfishness.You could be rich, elegant, or even smell good but a stench will always follow you wherever you go. For even though you might crack a joke or even offer a helping hand, the sarcasm in your voice will always reveal the hidden condition of your heart.

For ugly fruit eats away at everything! Everything you do becomes tainted by the stench in your heart. When you leave the room they remember your lousy attitude and hateful words. You could have been drop-dead gorgeous or even had a really nice smile but no one cares!

Why is it that they still speak about Jesus unto this day? Is it because of His miracles and His ability to walk on water? Even the smallest child felt the impact of such a beautiful savior. His love and His beautiful heart left everyone in awe.

What was it about Jesus that drew people in? Most of them couldn’t put a finger on it but they knew that they always felt better with Him around. His love drew even the most unworthy sinners from their hiding places.

He chose to see a broken woman in need of a savior instead of seeing a prostitute. He sought after the unworthy and the guilty and then set them free from their chains. A fragrance of love rose up to glorify the Father in all of what Jesus did. Whether He healed, taught or rebuked; it was all done in love.

Joy to the world the Lord is come. May we make room in our hearts for Jesus. Let us allow Him to produce delicious fruit in us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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Prophetic Word

As i was praying today, i really felt as though God was saying that it’s time to dream again. Everything that has been impossible in your life is not impossible for God.

This is a season for God’s power to be revealed in a marvelous way. So do not accept your circumstances as they are  because man says it is impossible. All things are possible with God and for those who believe.

It’s time to fill up the skies with prayers for MIRACLES  for the time is here that God will do infinitely more than we can imagine.

Do not limit God and settle for less than enough. Like the woman asked to bring jars by Elijah, let us bring all the jars we can find. Because the miracle is only limited by the mindset you bring.

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I heard the thud from the yoke that hit the ground after Jesus cut away the chain. It was heavy and overwhelming in every sense of the word. But after it fell, I wondered where its strength had been, because for many days i had labored to control it.

With no success, the heavy thing lay like a weighty burden upon my soul. Unyielding and controlling to every part of my life it was.
Any new thing found no room for expression. It was crushed before it ever reached fullness.

Surely Ishmael had no part in Isaac’s inheritance. As Sarah so wisely said, “Get rid of that servant and her son. He is not going to share in the family inheritance with my son Isaac. I won’t have it.” (Genesis 21:10)

In just the same way, the old has to leave for a new thing to spring forth.

Oh happy day – such a great day when Jesus washed my sin away. When He set the captive free and released me from bondage.

For He is doing a new work inside of me. Every yoke to the past must fall away, and every tie to the the imperfect must loosen up and make room for the new and perfected covenant.

Can a hand hold on to a penny and receive abundance while it is closed? Will a soul release all its gifts and remain with the pain of the past? Can we truly walk in an excellent way and yet refuse to let go of the good?

To inherit the promise, we must be equally yoked to the promise maker. Every other yoke must fall to the ground – never to rise again.

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Some paths we walk in blissful ignorance while others reveal the hidden treasures buried within the walls of limitation.

Was Joseph supposed to know that a trap was being set up against him? He lavishly wrapped himself with his coat of many colors and danced his way to a path of destruction. Even so, what his enemy meant for evil, God turned around for his good.

Because God sees every veiled plot of the enemy. He sits in His lofty throne and laughs at every attempt to destroy the beloved. In His secret wisdom, He allows what in His mighty power He could have easily stopped.

Courtesy of digitalart, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of digitalart, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Dig deep my friend, and you’ll see that the path hides many untold treasures . It was in suffering that Christ obtained the crown. For the graves could not hold Him down.

Was Joseph supposed to know just how ugly and wicked the plan was? To crush and to cripple was the heart of the scheme. But the battle was never his to fight, for the Lord of Hosts had a much greater plan.

“Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.” (Psalm 91:7).

In the end Joseph had the final laugh. For the Lord had caused him to forget all his troubles. The Lord had prospered him in the land of his affliction. 
The Lord had abundantly poured forth the hidden treasures found in the barren wilderness.

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The DNA simply consists of all the information that your body needs to function, reproduce and enable one to live. It is a genetic code hidden within our individual cells and plays a vital role in determining what color of eyes, hair and skin one has. Without the DNA, the reproduction of essential cells, the function of various members of the body and all the intricacies of development would not be viable.

Since the DNA cannot leave the cell, it requires another constituent to work closely with it to make sure that the information is copied and made available to the outside world. The transcription process enables the hidden information within the DNA to be expressed and manifested in a way that the body can utilize and benefit from it.

Courtesy of sheelamohan, (freedigitalphotos.net)

Courtesy of sheelamohan, (freedigitalphotos.net)

The entire process of transcription is so complex that it amazes me how our bodies are able to handle it. Enzymes and other proteins that initiate, accelerate and cut at certain locations are all crucial to the success of proper gene expression.

As God formed man in three parts, he placed not only the physical DNA in our bodies but also a spiritual DNA. The spiritual DNA carries information on the kinds of spiritual gifting, blessings and capabilities placed within us. As we start seeking the Kingdom of God, deep calls out to deep and the Spirit of God begins to call forth those things that are hidden, and brings them out into manifestation.

Blessings in the spiritual realm are just as useless without faith as a DNA is without a cell. Our faith enable the whole journey from receiving a promise to walking in the promise become possible. What God has provided in the spiritual realm was not intended to stay in the spiritual realm. Access in a Christian’s life means to be able to grab hold of our promises through faith and see their full manifestation in our lives.

Take for instance, the story of the woman with an issue of blood (Luke 8: 43-48). She stretched out in faith and grabbed hold of the garments of the savior. Jesus actually professed to have felt power depart from Him, because the healing that had been available in the spiritual realm found itself pulled into a hungry vessel.

Access provides a way for every Christian to walk in a life of victory in Christ.
The blessings provided for us in the spiritual realm are accessed through faith and pulled into manifestation by the word of faith.

The Holy Spirit enables us to walk through such a complex process by providing His anointing (power) in our lives. As we put on the new man created for us by God, our spiritual gifts and blessings are then “transcribed” and expressed in a way that edifies and benefits the entire body of Christ.

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Extravagant Worship

When a man loves a woman, no mountain is too high, and no valley is too deep to thwart his relentless pursuit. He will passionately woo his beloved’s heart, for he knows the treasures guarded within.

Every word and action becomes an occasion to pour forth his love. Chocolates and flowers speak to his beloved a language of their own. For love will make known where words are not enough.

His heart belongs to her, never to be challenged. The walls dividing them must fall apart, never to rise again.

If only she knew the depth of his love, then she would never doubt. Nothing could ever separate her from him. For his love rises higher than the mountains, and his darling is forever held dear to his heart.

Oh to be loved by the one you love!
Her love is like myrrh, a sweet fragrance to him. Rising up to grace his dwelling place. An acceptable sacrifice that is pleasing to him.

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