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The more i get to know God, the more i realize how much i need Him. I’ve gotten to the point of giving up my strength for His strength. The more people i meet and the more pain and suffering i see all around, the more my cry to God increases for more. I gotta have more of Him in my life.

Were we really meant to have a supernatural Kingdom living inside of us?

courtesy of Dan (

courtesy of Dan (

And if so, why is it darkness seems to increase all around us. If God has truly placed His Kingdom within me, then there must be a difference everywhere i go. If i find pain and suffering, i must be able to turn it around and instead bring hope and healing.

We are Christ’s ambassadors and we must take His Kingdom seriously. Representing our God is top duty and we have what it takes to do it effectively. The Spirit of the living God gives us power to be able to step out into the darkness. We are not to be afraid and cowards but rather bold and confident in Christ.

I think of David as a young boy confronting Goliath a great giant. The bible says that even the King of Israel was afraid of this monster. Great fear came upon those who heard him speak. His body size was enough to bring an entire people to its knees, but David was not afraid. He stepped up boldly to confront this uncircumcised Philistine. He ran up to meet Goliath while prophesying to him what was ahead of him.

We gotta be like David; unafraid, bold and without faint of heart. The only reason David could stand so strong is because of the Spirit of God was upon him. The work ahead of us is truly great and we must be filled with the Holy Spirit for us to accomplish it. He is our teacher, our guide, our comforter, our strength and the greatest of all, He’s our God.

We must prevail because He lives inside of us.

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