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Photo by iprostocks (

Photo by iprostocks (

I stabbed all mine eyes, but it wasn’t in error I did so; for I longed to belong. I needed to be part of the whole and to feel as an insider.

Even as my eyes cautioned my feet and the light revealed my erring ways, I couldn’t bear to hear the sound; the call to repentance. For my heart was drunk in the feel: the feel of approval by all men.

I threw caution to the wind and begged for more.

“Is this all?” I cried out.

Like the blind I reached out my hand and the devil took hold of me. He led me deeper into the pit; and what a pit it was indeed.

The life of Christ is the light of all men. But like the world I tied a scarf around mine eyes and bumped heads with destruction.

Alas! What darkness!

How I longed for a ray of hope; for sunlight to warm my face once again. But repentance was the only way to salvation.

My heart ached all day long. I begged my pride to let me go.

“I am not all in all. I need a savior.” I cried desperately.

But pride flexed up and held on tighter.

I brought my plea to heaven and His arms reached out and pulled me out. His light pierced through my darkness and brought me home. He touched my eyes so I could see this treasure.

With eyes wide open, I am never letting go.

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