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Photo Courtesy of pakorn

Photo Courtesy of pakorn

Clothed in red with a pretty bow around it
Held in chains with a heavy yoke surrounding
Deep longings never satisfied nor fulfilled
Never diving in but always beside the river

A river so pure, a river so blessed
It gently flows drawing me near
Oh let me fall sweep me away
But these chains will never let me dive

Fascinated, enthralled simply captivated
Gleaming from afar – a ray of hope
Won’t something break me through and pierce my darkness?
Then a river so pure, a river so blessed
Chanced a glance at me for a spell

Deep down I saw and yearned for its promise
A healing river that makes the heart glad
I drew close and moved beside its banks
Looking for a way in, a place to belong

Photo Courtesy of koratmember

Photo Courtesy of koratmember

The sun refused to shine and I missed my step
The moon also tricked me and I fell inside
A miry and slippery pit it was
The earth also gave way and held me in a cage
Until my cry reached the heavens and His hands reached out.

My heart surrendered and my soul said yes.
Mercy came running and broke me out of the pit.
Compassion wiped my tears and hope led the way.
His Spirit flowed as a river within my heart and His love cast religion into the pit.

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