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Photo by David Castillo Dominici (

Photo by David Castillo Dominici (

The cold reality sank in her slippery heart. For the night she saw the shadowy figure was the night she discovered fear. Right there embedded at the core of her very soul sat hopelessness. The looming figure overwhelmed her senses; clouding her judgement and instilling dark thoughts.

She had thought herself safe; locked behind the solid gates of her heavily guarded heart. But terror lay in wait and the nightmares threatened to consume her.

Her heart throbbed against her chest and her breath came in short bursts; for her world was falling apart and the pieces were scattered in disarray.

Oh my soul why are you so troubled? From the end to beginning your path is engraved in His palm.

But her soul wouldn’t yield for her consciousness wouldn’t let her forget. The guilt and the shame were like a throbbing that wouldn’t cease and a thorn in her very flesh.

Like a field overtaken by wild foxes was her mind; never to be hers again.

Oh how her cries deafened her ears and her tears filled like a river. A river so wide no one could reach her.

For the sun in its bright glory couldn’t warm her frozen heart; and the song in its sweet melody couldn’t chase that evil spirit.

She smiled and she acted; reassured the worried faces that all was well. Her eyes forever locking the pain she hid well within her soul. Every calculated move steered the curious gaze away from her madness.But help wouldn’t come soon enough. And every next thought promised relief lay in the grave.

Lost in a living nightmare that broke her into pieces; her hands grasped desperately for solace. Her eyes roamed wildly to find a resting place.

But in the thickness of darkness; in the very darkest of clouds He veils His approach. The heavens shake and fire pours from His mouth. He mounted the cherubim and flew; He soared on the wings of the wind and came to her rescue.

Her gaze rose up for her chariot had come. He shot His arrows and scattered the enemy. He reached down from on high and took hold of her; He drew her out of deep waters.

He put her together again and applied the balm of Gilead. He raised her and trained her hands for war. He caused her to chase her enemy; yeah that foul spirit of destruction and she pursued until she conquered it.


2 Samuel 22:8-18

Psalm 18:37

Blessings n much love,

Abby Ngina.

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