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photo courtesy of digitalart (

photo courtesy of digitalart (

Even before I spoke, the answer was on my lips; a confirmation of His love and a seal of His faithfulness
Even before I stepped up, His grace was on my very step; a mark of His path and an oath of His faithful word.
He is light to my path and fullness in my soul; my shelter and an anchor in the stormy days.
My heart cannot contain His praise inside, for my God is too big for mere words. Every eye must see and every tongue confess that God compares to no other.
For I searched high and low looking for something; something big enough to fill my empty heart. I started on a journey and found the highest treasure; the very darling of heaven Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
A name so sweet it is music to my heart. Every star in the sky reveals His marv glory; and my bright star must lead the world to His beautiful presence.

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