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Extravagant Worship

When a man loves a woman, no mountain is too high, and no valley is too deep to thwart his relentless pursuit. He will passionately woo his beloved’s heart, for he knows the treasures guarded within.

Every word and action becomes an occasion to pour forth his love. Chocolates and flowers speak to his beloved a language of their own. For love will make known where words are not enough.

His heart belongs to her, never to be challenged. The walls dividing them must fall apart, never to rise again.

If only she knew the depth of his love, then she would never doubt. Nothing could ever separate her from him. For his love rises higher than the mountains, and his darling is forever held dear to his heart.

Oh to be loved by the one you love!
Her love is like myrrh, a sweet fragrance to him. Rising up to grace his dwelling place. An acceptable sacrifice that is pleasing to him.

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