A Different Shelter (Fiction)


The sound of keys opening her apartment door jerked her awake.

She peered into the darkness and focused her attention. The second time she heard the noise she froze for a second then rose slowly from her bed as her hand moved desperately to find her cellphone.

Her senses were on full alert. She pushed past the overwhelming fear attempting to take over and decided to go peek through the window. As she got on the floor and crawled her way to the window, she heard him singing.

Her room suddenly became too dark and the fear choked her.

Should she scream out or would that make it worse? Countless questions engulfed her until she couldn’t bear to do anything. She rose up suddenly and pounded the door harshly.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT? I’M CALLING THE POLICE” Keya said in a surprisingly confident voice.

She had distorted her voice to make it sound like a man. It was something her friends had taught her years ago and she hoped it worked. The noise stopped and he started speaking.

She could barely make out the words that came out of his mouth. She looked through the peek hole and saw it was her crazy neighbor!

“I’M CALLING THE POLICE” she repeated more confidently this time.

She knew he was drunk and probably thought he was opening his apartment door. Other attempts in the past involved him knocking on her door at odd hours during the night.

“Ugh, I’m so tired of this guy” she said in disgust.

She heard him staggering away and knew that he’d come to his senses. Her fear had given way to a full-fledged anger.

“Ugh I can’t handle this!!! He must go. This is the absolute last time I’m dealing with him” she said.

She couldn’t wait to report this lunatic.She looked on her phone and saw that it was only five in the morning. Her attempt to get back to bed backfired on her and she decided to call her sister. As soon as she remembered the time, she hang up immediately.

“I guess this is how change feels like” she whispered to herself.

Keya had struck out on her own since last fall and had moved hundreds of miles away from her family. Her parents were proud of her but were also worried. Her mom called almost every day to check on her and to share a message she’d heard from one of the preaching channels.

She knew that they worried but she also knew that God was with her. Her strong faith had taken her through a lot in the past and she counted on it to sustain her in this strange place.

Change was a big word in Keya’s ears. She felt like she’d jumped from the boat right into the stormy sea. So afraid was she that she wasn’t ready for the world as she’d thought.

In fact, if her faith in God’s love was not so strong, she would have returned home to the shelter of her family. But something in her yearned for a different type of shelter. She needed to prove something to herself that even her parents did not seem to understand.

She shut her eyes and forced herself to sleep but her excited senses wouldn’t let her. She got up, picked up a book and hoped that she could read herself to sleep.

….to be continued (hopefully)

For more, check out my book “Real With God”.

Abby M

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